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The Inner Wheel Club of Retford

13th February 2021
The Inner Wheel Club of Retford

The members of the Inner Wheel Club of Retford are still keeping in touch electronically as they start this new year. Plans are afoot to bring interest to their Zoom meetings following on from last month’s ‘virtual tour’.
Their youngest member, Danielle, works with young students at Enhancement Training in Doncaster. This training centre links with secondary schools in Doncaster and provides alternative practical educational subjects for young students who have difficulty relating to the set secondary school curriculum because of their varied special needs.
One of the subjects they experience is animal handling, which is Danielle’s area of expertise. The members of Inner Wheel were taken on a virtual tour of over 30 animals from gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs, dwarf hamsters, chinchillas, tree frogs, turtles, snakes and lizards, to name but a few. Each species requires the correct habitat, diet and needs. The students are encouraged to learn about the animals, to handle and care for them and to design interesting settings and activities to stimulate the animals in their care. There are also two dogs, a Labrador named Desi and Rosie the miniature Dachshund, to put the students at ease. As a group, members learned much and found all aspects very interesting as they travelled virtually around all the different animal areas.
Inner Wheel Day, held in January, also provided another fun activity.
Inner Wheel’s many clubs around the UK have come up with ideas to keep interest and charity work going. In Dunoon, in Scotland, Inner Wheel members have been crocheting octopuses for premature babies. The babies hold onto the tentacles which helps them not to pull out or remove vital tubes. One club raised funds by making and selling Christmas masks. Another used cycling exercise time to raise funds for the homeless. Grandmas elsewhere did Zoom baking sessions with grandchildren. A midland club linked with a club in Australia and downloaded their club cookery book and are trying out the Aussie recipes and exchanging ideas.
In Retford work carries on, meetings are on screen and activities will continue to give help where needed, but at all times following the guidance to keep everyone safe. To contact the club email