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The Musicality Singers

11th February 2021
The Musicality Singers

Well, last year started off really well. The Musicality Singers were learning new material, planning a move to a new rehearsal venue and putting together plans for concerts in Worksop and Dinnington. Then, like everybody else, we hit the buffers. Everything came to a halt. I’m hoping that 2021 is doing the reverse. It’s started off absolute pants, so it should soon start getting better.
At the time of writing, the Prime Minister has just announced another lockdown (though he didn’t actually use the word). Apparently it will continue until 15th February and then be reviewed. It’s my birthday the day after, but I suspect it’s too much to hope that I’ll be getting the present I’d really like for all of us…
Whatever happens at the lockdown review, at some point, things will improve. We will eventually be allowed to get together to sing again. It will seem strange and maybe a little unsettling when that happens after being separated for so long. It’ll be a bit like the lights coming back on after a prolonged power cut. Your senses need a little while to adjust. Or maybe it’s more like being old lags who have become used to the prison routine having to adjust to being outside again. Or maybe it’s…
I could go on, but I think you’ve got the picture. It might seem strange at first, but we’ll settle back in to it. And when we do, won’t that be great.
I don’t know what we’ll be singing when we do get back together, but personally, I hope we’ll be carrying on with the ‘Les Mis’ medley. I’m looking forward to having another crack at singing ‘Master of the House’ with the choir. And it’s pretty certain that Greg will be coming up with other ideas as well. Our musical director has never been averse to presenting us with music that makes us think: ‘We can’t do that.’ I reckon he just enjoys being able to say, ‘I told you so’ when it turns out that we can do it after all. Or maybe, he’ll cut us some slack and break us back in gently. Hmm. Any thoughts on that anybody?
Whatever happens there are three things I’m sure of. The first is that as soon as there’s a chance that we could get back together safely, the choir’s committee will be on to making it happen. Second, there will certainly be choir members only too eager to sing together again. And third, there will be people in Worksop only too glad of the chance to get out at last to hear us sing again.
Until then – take care, everyone. Hope to see you before too much longer.
Malcolm Fritchley