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Retford Bowling Green

15th February 2021
Retford Bowling Green

For any summer sport, February is one of the quietest times of the year. That’s in a normal year but, as we all know, things are nowhere near normal so the usual winter social programme at Retford Bowling Green has ceased and there’s little to report.
However, the bowling season is just over two months away. Although the club has been inactive, that doesn’t apply to the green keeper who has continued with his usual winter care programme so, hopefully, bowling can commence at the normal time in mid April. Nor does it apply to the match secretary, who has been busy preparing the year’s programme. So, in the coming weeks the preparations for a new season will still continue to take place on the assumption that play can resume. If it can’t, then that will have to be tackled when it happens. In the meantime the plan is for as near normality as possible.
For more information you can visit the club website,, email or call Geoff Evans on 01777 948194.