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Lynds Close Luncheon Club

4th January 2019
Lynds Close Luncheon Club

On Thursday 1st November the diners of Lynd’s Close sat down to celebrate the fifth birthday of the Luncheon Club. From small beginnings with only a few diners, the volunteers now regularly cook and serve a three-course meal to 40 diners.

Some of the diners now arrive by taxi and they are supported into the centre by volunteers. The taxi drivers now know the diners well and are very good at assisting them on their journey to and from the luncheon club — thanks to DW cars and Briar Taxis for working well together in support of their diners

The three-course lunch consisted of homemade leek and potato soup, roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, mash, cauliflower, Brussels and gravy with individual fruit trifles for dessert. A birthday cake was baked and shared with the diners to mark the fifth birthday celebrations.

The diners are served tea or coffee on arrival and have orange and lemon squash or water with their meals. Those with particular food allergies are catered for with alternatives for them to enjoy. A great deal of time and effort is put into making this Luncheon Club a success. There is a social Friendship Group which meet on Mondays from 2.00pm, for two hours at Lynd’s Close for chat and bingo. They enjoy hot drinks and cakes and all are welcome to join the Monday group.