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9th February 2019
Citizens Advice Rotherham and District

Citizens Advice is celebrating its 80th birthday this year. There has been a CAB service in Rotherham since 1968 and volunteers are vital to the work they do, they work alongside staff teams in a variety of roles across the service, from face to face and telephone advice, reception, admin and research and campaigning. With cuts to public services and the roll out of Universal Credit, their advice services are needed more than ever before.

To meet that growing need they are continually investing in volunteer recruitment, development and training. By providing their volunteers with a supportive and welcoming environment, they encourage and enable a range of people with different skills and backgrounds to volunteer.

They are currently looking to recruit up to 15 new volunteers to help them meet the needs of their clients. They are especially looking for volunteers who are retired or semi retired but they would be interested in speaking to anyone who has a minimum of one day per week free and wants to put something back into the local community.

By training and investing in their volunteers, Citizens Advice help to develop their volunteers’ personal abilities and the way that they feel about themselves and their community. This can have a significant impact on volunteers’ lives, for example:

  • All Citizens Advice volunteers gain at least one practical skill from volunteering
  • Four in five believe that they have increased their employability
  • Nine in 10 have an increased sense of purpose or self-esteem
  • Four in five believe volunteering has had a positive effect on their health
  • Nine in 10 feel more engaged with their community
  • Volunteering helps to reduce the barriers that prevent people moving into work: nine in 10 agree that Citizens Advice volunteering is helping them to move into employment, education or training.
  • Nine in 10 Citizens Advice volunteers feel better equipped and empowered to deal with issues in their lives — with four in five also helping friends and families.
  • All retired Citizens Advice volunteers believe volunteering keeps them mentally active

If you have at least one day per week to spare and are interested in joining their team and and training as an adviser, receptionist or support worker Citizens Advice want to hear from you. If you volunteer with Citizens Advice you will be gaining the satisfaction of knowing each day you spend with them you will be making a difference to vulnerable local people’s lives, by helping them with the problems they face. Please email and they will call you to discuss volunteering opportunities.