Community News

Get up and go!

5th February 2019
Rotherham U3A

Sitting writing this at 4.00pm in early January, it’s almost dark outside. Today has been cold and grey, and without school traffic the streets are unusually quiet. At this time of year, we older people can feel isolated and perhaps lonely. It’s hard to get up and go, to take that first step, when gloomy February hovers outside the window pane.

Yet there have never been so many activities available for the ‘over 50s’. The difficulty lies in discovering the what, where, when and how of them. The obvious place to look is the internet, but without it, information is harder to find.
This magazine is probably the best source of information in your area. Each month it contains articles from organisations aimed at older readers. This column for example, gives news and information about the local U3A, a friendly, relaxed and open organisation run by older people for the benefit of all its members. There are more than 30 indoor and outdoor group activities, to choose from. All held in accessible venues, generally situated close to a bus route. Carers can accompany you without charge.

Being a U3A member is enjoyable, energising, enlightening and, what’s more, it’s fun. It’s a way of meeting new people, making friends, having something to look forward to and being a part of something worthwhile. If these aren’t excellent reasons to find out about the U3A, I don’t know what are!

Dispel February’s gloom. Get up and go to and discover what each group offers, where and when groups meet and how to join. Alternatively, call Sylvia Duncan on 01709 374841 for a brochure.