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The Wednesday (Memory) Group

12th July 2017
The Wednesday (Memory) Group

Most people with dementia live in the community where they are supported and cared for by relatives or friends. This can put an immense strain on families and cause carers to suffer three times as many stress symptoms as people in the general population. Despite this, carers go to great lengths to avoid putting the person they look after into care. Sometimes a move into a care home is unavoidable but it seems that no one wants the person they look after to end their days in care.

The ability to cope well and keep the person with dementia in their own home for as long as possible increases if carers are able to access effective support. Peer support groups can reduce the sense of isolation and stress and enable people to share knowledge and coping strategies. Professional advice can be exchanged and carers helped to understand the experiences of those they care for and how their attitudes and behaviour can be understood and coped with.
There are a number of support groups in Retford. The Carers’ Forum is a dementia specific, peer support group which meets on the first Tuesday of the month. Nottinghamshire Carers’ Hub offers support to all carers and can give advice on carer breaks, training, discounts and grants among other things. Contact them on 0115 824 8824. The Carers’ Roadshow is an event that runs throughout Nottinghamshire during the summer and brings together a number of agencies that provide information and support so carers can browse the market and find out what is available in their area. The Retford Roadshow is on Thursday 13th July in Retford Market Square. There will be a Roadshow in Worksop on Friday 11th August on Bridge Street. For more information about the Wednesday (Memory) Group in Retford, contact Jan on 01777 709974.