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Riverside Indoor Bowls

14th March 2019
Riverside Indoor Bowls

Riverside Indoor Bowls, or RIBs, was recently set up as a charity to bring indoor bowls back to Gainsborough.
Back? Yes indeed! The club had an indoor bowls hall, but West Lindsey decided it could make better use of it in 2018. So, members had to do something about it!

Bowls is a great sport no matter your age, but even better for older people to play into their 80s or 90s. It keeps you fit and friendships are made. Warning, it can be addictive!

The club needs support — your support — to build on the 180 plus people who have made it clear that we must have an indoor bowls hall in this town. Gainsborough has an above UK average number of retired people in the area and that is set to grow dramatically in years to come.

Now is the time to move ahead. Now is the time to join the club — yes, you are needed to join them. Catch up with them on Facebook and at If you want to get involved, (and who wouldn’t?) message them on Facebook, through their website or call 01427 614682.

Members know that RIBs will be ‘The Place To Be’. Do Not Doubt it!