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Caskgate Street Surgery Patient Participation Group

10th January 2019
Caskgate Street Surgery Patient Participation Group

The most frequently raised issue from general patient feedback remains to be the length of waiting time to see their GP, which in some cases is four weeks. Patients failing to attend appointments is a problem throughout the country, and it seems to be getting worse.

Caskgate Street Surgery has over 11,000 patients but unfortunately the main reason for this waiting time is due to the number of appointments that are missed when patients fail to turn up. There were 500 appointments missed during August, September and October this year at Caskgate Street Surgery!

It is estimated that missed appointments cost the NHS £250m per year. That money could be spent on training more nurses, GPs or treatments. Caskgate Street Surgery operate a text reminder system to remind patients of their appointment, yet we still have this huge problem.

NHS England is continuing to encourage patients to cancel in good time, stating: “We urge everyone to let their practice know in good time if they are going to miss their appointment so GPs can treat those in greater need.”